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1) What is QuantRx Biomedical?

QuantRx Biomedical Corporation is an emerging leader in the development of products for advanced diagnosis of serious disease and health conditions. With synergistic expertise in the discovery of diagnostic platforms and the commercialization of products for use by medical professionals, institutions or consumers, QuantRx is focused on providing more accurate, reliable and faster diagnoses that result in improved patient care.

2) What does QuantRx make?

QuantRx develops technology platforms for medical diagnostic products ranging from lateral flow devices to molecular imaging agents for PET scans and genome-based microarray chips and products based on our PAD technology for diagnosis and treatment of women's health concerns and other medical needs.

The company was founded in 1986. It was reorganized when investors purchased the preferred shares of the company from a billion-dollar hedge fund and brought in a new management team of seasoned business professionals. At that time, in December 2005, the name was changed to QuantRx Biomedical Corporation from A-Fem Medical.

The QuantRx portfolio of intellectual property includes more than two dozen patents, patents pending and technology licenses.

QuantRx holds a significant position in FluoroPharma, Inc., a Boston-based molecular imaging company.

QuantRx holds a significant position in Genomics USA, Inc., a Chicago-based developer of microarray technology for DNA testing.

QuantRx has a technology license agreement with P&G giving QuantRx access to P&G technology for incorporation into the QuantRx PAD portfolio of products, specifically hemorrhoid treatment products.

QuantRx has corporate offices in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The QuantRx research and development center is in Portland, Oregon. The Company holds significant positions in FluoroPharma, Inc., a Boston-based molecular imaging company, and Genomics USA, Inc., a Chicago-based developer of microarray technology for DNA testing.

Pre-manufacturing takes place at our Portland R&D facility. Full-scale manufacturing is outsourced to a number of companies in China.

A component of the QuantRx business strategy is to concentrate on what the Company knows and does best -- the development of diagnostic technology platforms and the commercialization of related products. As such, we outsource related activities such as manufacturing and distribution. Most of the individuals under the employ of QuantRx and its affiliate companies are accomplished scientists and medical experts. We also contract a number of individuals in specialized scientific areas of expertise.


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