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VasoPET is the only PET agent known to selectively target inflamed or vulnerable atheromatous plaque.  With VasoPET, physicians identify dangerous coronary artery plaque – an unhealthy though typical accumulation of cell debris including cholesterol, calcium mineral and tissue within the walls.

The third important step in the cardiovascular disease market, FluoroPharma scientists determined that a significant opportunity existed to improve the true determination of the presence of atheromatous plaque, again offering true diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

  • VasoPET is the first molecular imaging agent - diadenosine tetraphosphate is avidly taken up by inflammatory cells and rapidly dividing cells.

VasoPET Identifies Vulnerable Plaque Non-invasively: VasoPET Binds to Ap4A Receptor Expressed by Macrophages Found in Unstable but Not Stable Coronary Artery Plaques


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