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The Unique miniform is a flushable biodegradable product worn between the buttocks, adjacent to the anal opening, to provide temporary relief from the pain, itching and leakage associated with hemorrhoids – the same as a suppository, but allowing anytime use, without mess or insertion. The miniform is not intended for insertion or placement inside the anus, and has been clinically demonstrated to provide no greater patient health risk than any other external pad, justifying it as an FDA Class I exempt device.

The Unique miniform combines intellectual property of QuantRx and Procter & Gamble intellectual property which has granted QuantRx a worldwide license to make and market its technology, to produce the first new product available to hemorrhoid patients for decades.

QuantRx recognized the need for better products for anal hygiene and hemorrhoid care.  The current market contains products that represent occasional use and limited market size.  The U.S. market is currently valued at $130 million annually, with growth based on an aging population. Further, this market has not seen innovation in decades.

Local delivery of medication for vulvar diseases and systemic administration of drugs to treat other pathologies.

Best available estimates from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) data indicate that the U.S. population of interest for these products is slightly over 44,000,000, and that over half of this population receives little or no benefit from products currently in the marketplace.


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