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QuantRx has developed and continues to develop an array of innovative point-of-care testing products based on the Company’s core intellectual property.

Lateral flow tests rapidly provide medical information directly to healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers.

With its proprietary technology, QuantRx developed RapidSense, the only one-step positive-read lateral flow test on the market. The unique characteristics of Rapid-Sense technology make it ideal for testing both urine and oral fluids.

It can be applied to products for various single or multiple test platforms for drugs-of-abuse, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as women’s health concerns such as pregnancy, fertility, ovulation, and menopause .

Patented QuantRx technology is also the basis of the QuantRx OralSense; an oral fluid collection device specifically designed for use with rapid lateral flow tests. These tests can quickly provide medical information directly to the healthcare professional or patient, law enforcement personnel, as well as to schools, employers, athletic organizations and other institutions for which regular drug screening is becoming increasingly standard.

According to Kalorama Information, market growth is driven by several factors:

  • The increasing decentralization of medicine, where testing is moving away from hospitals and doctors offices to off-site testing facilities, pharmacies, and other retail sites, as well as into the individual’s home.
Lateral Flow Diagnostic Devices

QuantRx Technology Examples

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  • Their dramatic benefits in the diagnostic process because they reduce time spent awaiting test results, often critical when prompt treatment is indicated.

  • The eas of use allows at-home testing and requires less training for technicians when used in a healthcare environment.

As part of its strategy to develop Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationships, QuantRx partners with companies that are interested in exploring new and existing test platforms.


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