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Patented QuantRx technology is the basis of the QuantRx OralSense oral fluid collection device, which can be designed for rapid lateral flow tests. Rapid lateral flow tests quickly provide medical information directly to the healthcare professional or patient and law enforcement personnel as well as schools, employers, athletic organizations and others for which rapid test results are increasingly standard.

Applications include the growing market for fluid-sample collection for concerns ranging from drug abuse testing, biological evidence for criminal investigation and screening for numerous communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The novel QuantRx design incorporates a removable barrier that prevents test chemicals from washing into the oral cavity during the collection process, and allows the individual to control the start of the test or tests within the device.

Because the innovative QuantRx OralSense technology was developed for either a single test or multiple tests using the same sample, it is ideal for applications such as drugs-of-abuse testing and screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

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Additionally, the patented technology has a feature that provides a more secure "chain of custody" system, helping to ensure the identity and integrity of a specimen from collection through the reporting of test results.

OralSense prototypes are currently in development. Contact QuantRx if interested in development of a potential OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) relationship with OralSense Technology.
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