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Many technologies can be used to fabricate microarrays. In general, they are based on either the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides on a microarray surface by some sort of lithography, or based on covalent coupling of pre-synthesized oligonucleotides onto the microarray surface.

QuantRx affiliate company GUSA has developed an alternative to both microarray approaches. Our approach is based on non-covalent absorption of short, inexpensive, synthetic oligonucleotides directly onto a microarray surface.
This alternative approach has been developed into a method of microarray manufacture that is approximately one-tenth the cost of other methods, thus allowing QuantRx-GUSA microarrays to be used, in a practical sense, as the basis for low-cost diagnostic and epidemiological testing. 

Manufacturing optimization is in progress, based on the use of novel ceramic surfaces and oligonucleotide sequence designs, to reduce the cost of high-resolution HLA-Chip analysis to values comparable with traditional polymerase chain reaction-based diagnostics.

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