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The clinically optimized microarray technology forms the basis of next generation laboratory-based diagnostics. The microarray technology targets the new and rapidly growing market for personalized medicine, using information about a person’s genetic make-up to tailor strategies for the detection, treatment or prevention of disease.

Microarray technology resides on a one-square-centimeter silicon chip that contains up to a thousand DNA probes that identify specific human gene sequences of diagnostic interest. With this leading-edge technology, QuantRx is in the forefront of the laboratory-based testing market with new technology to allow microarrays to be used as a cost-effective diagnostic or population scale screening test.

Through its affiliate company Genomics USA (GUSA), QuantRx has as its focus population-scale typing of HLA – the human leukocyte antigen, a segment of the genome that is essentially the core of the human immune response. HLA is composed of proteins that play a critical role in activating the body’s immune system to respond to foreign organisms. Typing HLA results in the ability to detect a majority of disorders related to the immune system.

The ability of an individual to respond to a particular vaccine is also determined by his or her HLA type. An initial application for this HLA-based technology is in vaccine development and personalized vaccine delivery.

GUSA Microarrays are fabricated, inexpensively,
In a high-throughput 96 array plate format
16 arrays per slide, 4 slides per plate

Other applications include tissue transplantation and stem cell therapeutics, personalized treatment for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis, and personalized treatment of microbial infection.

Follow-on products in the personalized medicine market will service chemical therapeutics, especially those applications in which personal genetic variation at a number of gene sites can cooperate to alter treatment responsiveness for conditions such as obesity, depression, cardiovascular risk and others.


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