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Underlying those microarray-based applications is a focus on sets of 100 to 300 SNPs – single nucleotide polymorphisms to be analyzed in parallel by the HLA chip, to generate essentially a one-pot microarray analysis, a high resolution map of personal variation in the HLA gene cluster.

The unique microarray technology of QuantRx results in highly accurate SNP-based test panels as high quality, very low-cost and simple-to-use microarray products, with specialized content based on the Company’s advanced, proprietary bio-informatics platform. The direct result of this advanced technology is that microarrays for HLA analysis can be used at approximately one tenth the cost of other microarray technologies, with sample processing and data analysis tools that allow biologists with clinical or research interests in HLA to use the HLA chip without the need for costly, highly specialized microarray equipment or training. The goal is to pair that simple ease of use with a low consumable cost, to allow true diagnostic scale or epidemiological scale HLA testing.

For instance, QuantRx is currently optimizing the use of its HLA Chip in the context of DNA obtained from ordinary neonatal blood cards, known as Guthrie Cards, thus allowing the HLA chip to be the first “21st” Century application of complex, high resolution population-scale genetic analysis.


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