Advancing Diagnostics Through Discovery   Print Screen

QuantRx® research centers are linked to some of the most exciting developments taking shape in medicine today. Working with leading researchers, QuantRx is undertaking unprecedented diagnostic discovery efforts to provide leading edge diagnostic products for molecular imaging, genomic array processing, lateral flow – instant/one-step, and over-the-counter patient care via health and wellness products. The Company’s success in identifying new disease indications and unique ways of detecting them will make a difference to physicians who currently rely on older and less accurate technologies, and to patients, who can suffer irreparable damage due to the lack of good diagnostic tools.

Internal Discovery

Through its internal research program, QuantRx is actively developing new ways to look at significant diseases.  The clinical developments in our molecular imaging efforts may result in a significant improvement in patient morbidity, and a real improvement in the costs associated with cardiovascular disease.

QuantRx’s ability to rapidly and inexpensively identify human leukocyte antigen (HLA) may help eliminate adverse reactions to drugs and vaccines, while our one-step, positive read lateral flow technology brings intuitive results to the first line of diagnostics.

Finally, continued developments within QuantRx health and wellness products continue to add new environmentally friendly products that add significantly to the patient’s quality of life.


While most product candidates are likely to be found through our internal research programs, QuantRx continues to seek and acquire rights to diagnostic products that fit within our pipeline. Such was the case with our license of Procter & Gamble’s miniform technology. QuantRx will continue to add to its portfolio as opportunities arise.


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