​4 delicious superfoods that you need in your life

May 12th 2020

​4 delicious superfoods that you need in your life

Delicious superfoods that taste great!

The age-old question: How do we fuel our bodies with nourishing food that we actually WANT to eat? It’s so much easier to eat healthy food when it tastes amazing, but with so many options out there, it’s hard to know what is actually good for you. Many processed foods masquerade as health foods, which makes it even more confusing to try to decide what to eat. One side usually has to cave when choosing what to eat… you either sacrifice flavor for nutrition or you give up taste when choosing to be healthy. But it does not have to be that way! We’ve put together a list of superfoods that taste super good.

1. Oats: The humble oat. This whole grain has got it all – it’s delicious, versatile, affordable, and full of nutrients. Oats contain fiber, which aids in digestion and keeps you full, in addition to a host of other nutrients and vitamins. They have a natural protein that keeps you fueled and they even have cholesterol-lowering properties that help protect your heart and body.

Now for the tasty part. There’s a lot more you can do with oats besides just making oatmeal – which is not to say you shouldn’t make oatmeal because it’s DELICIOUS! Oats have an earthy and slightly sweet, neutral flavor so they are a great base for many dishes. Try your hand at some homemade granola, a scrumptious batch of oatmeal cookies for something indulgent or use oats replace rice for a savory dinner bowl!

2. Coconut oil: This superfood is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and gives good HDL cholesterol a boost. It helps regulate your metabolism and even promotes dental and skin health. And these are just a few of the health benefits. You can use it to enhance your cooking, or you can use it in your beauty regimen.

If you’re using coconut oil to replace unhealthy fats in your cooking or baking, you’ve got two options: there’s virgin and refined coconut oil – virgin has a sweet, tropical flavor and retains all the health benefits, while refined coconut oil has a neutral flavor but fewer health benefits. They add a delicious flavor to many dishes – we love sautéing veggies in virgin coconut oil or using it to make a stir fry! If you’re more interested in using it on your body, you’ll love the feel and smell of it moisturizing your skin – bonus points if you get a massage out of it! You can also use coconut oil for a deep conditioning treatment on your scalp which makes hair silky smooth and more voluminous.

3Seed and nut butters: Peanut butter’s equally attractive cousins have joined the game. Nut and seed butters are especially helpful for people with peanut allergies because they provide healthy and tasty alternatives. There are so many delicious options to choose from when it comes to nut and seed butters. All nuts and seeds contain health benefits, so it really comes down to which flavors you like best. There’s walnut butter, pecan butter, almond butter, sunflower butter… the list goes on. All nut and seed butters provide natural protein and supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals to keep you running. They contain healthy fats that are good for your heart and help keep you feeling full.

You can buy nut and seed butters at the store or make them at home! Just buy the nuts you like and break out your blender or food processor. We like the homemade option because it’s usually cheaper and you can make a mixed nut butter that’s perfectly suited to your tastes. Add a touch of Himalayan pink salt for even more benefits and taste!

Use nut butters however you’d use peanut butter… make a nut butter and j sandwich, dip apples in it as a snack, or add it to your morning smoothie for an extra hit of flavor and protein.

4. Dark chocolate: Yes, you read that right. You can eat chocolate AND feel good about it! Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals and can help protect your body against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The darker you go, the more nutrients you get. Most experts suggest around 70% dark chocolate in order to get the most bang for your health buck while still being tasty. The percentage of dark chocolate is based on the ratio of sugar to cacao, the higher the percentage, the less sugar there is and the more antioxidants you’re getting. But if you like it more bitter, more power to you!

Additionally, chocolate is a natural and tasty mood booster. Ever notice how biting into a piece of chocolate makes you feel happier and more relaxed? You’re not imagining it, the flavonoids in chocolate stimulate the parts of your brain associated with pleasure and reward, which in turn makes you feel calmer and more at ease.

We hope you’ve found some new foods to include in your diet! If you want to eat these foods in a quick, portable, and delicious way, our friends at Vive make Superfood Cookie Bites, which are bite-sized morsels of deliciousness. They’ve swapped out traditional cookie ingredients that are overly processed and replaced them with 10 or fewer superfoods (like the ones we mentioned above!) to create nostalgic flavors like Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Almond Coconut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter that satisfy mind and body. For a limited time, use code QUANTA at checkout on their site and receive 20% off your order of feel-good treats!

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