Top 3 Healthy Summer Habits

Jul 20th 2020

Top 3 Healthy Summer Habits

It's easy to get rocked off course with the constant distractions of barbecues, beach trips, and travel. But there are still simple yet effective things you can do to stay fit and feeling good while out and about having fun in the sun. Below are the top 3 tips on how to level up your healthy habits during the remaining summer months ahead: 

1. Eat TONS of fresh fruits and vegetables

A recent study found that eating 10 portions of fruits and vegetables per day was tied to a:

- 24% reduced risk of heart disease.

- 33% reduced risk of stroke.

- 31% reduction in premature death.

2. While you are grilling, choose a healthy meat company!

A great option that we highly recommend is MrSteak. All of their meats are locally sourced pasture-raised and all within 250 mi radius of their home base in NE, Omaha. The shorter distance traveled for the cattle means healthier and much fresher beef than supermarkets or other companies that source nationally or even globally. Rich soil, grasses, and climate make this region the absolute best in the country for raising cattle which is why it is called “the Napa Valley of Beef”. Meats come in a biodegradable cooler made from Indiana grown corn. Shipping is carbon neutral through a program they invest in that turns methane into a clean fuel source. They have covered all bases to make sure you are getting the best quality meats available while also doing right by the planet.

3. Hydrate Naturally:

- Choosing a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade can seem like a good idea during the summer due to it containing electrolytes. But this can actually be counter-productive for a body that is trying to rehydrate. The high amounts of sugar and other processed ingredients dehydrate you further and put unnecessary stress on the body. What we should be focused on replenishing is naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals that can be found in Coconut Water such as potassium, sodium, and manganese! If you can't get your hands on coconut water, mineral-rich alkaline water is another great alternative. 

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