COVID-19 Update

Dear Stakeholder, shareholder, team member, customer and prospect;

All of us here at Quanta we hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health and spirits. This is a challenging time of unprecedented scale which requires difficult decisions are made every single day. 

That said, Quanta remains open for business during the current situation.  We’ve reduced our shipping & receiving to an alternating skeleton staff.  All of our employees are encouraged to work from home.  Our business continues to grow despite the current environment.

There are two drivers for this decision to remain open:

1.       Our customers count on our Muscle Rub product to help relieve pain and we feel this is one of the most important times in history to reduce pain and inflammation. 

2.       We are currently in the process of applying to Federal and State-funded research tests for treatments & prevention of viruses using our technology and highly specialized personnel.

Quanta’s Chief Science Officer, Arthur Mikaelian, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Scorpion Venom research and medicine. Scorpion Venom has been used for millennia to treat a variety of infections and diseases. More than 19 studies have been performed using Scorpion Venom for anti-cancer and antiviral treatments.

Naturally-occurring peptides are crucial for research in today's world. It is those very peptides that can keep viruses, like COVID-19, from transmitting the infection into the human cells. The company remains focused on ways in which it can use its core technology and know-how to help humanity.

Quanta is open to serve – current customers and future customers.  Our polarization technology is currently being leveraged by government and research organizations around the world.

We look forward to serving you.  Always.


Eric Rice


Quanta Inc.